Interview with Dr Seth Tesla BioHealing - Part 1

Interview with Dr Seth Tesla BioHealing - Part 1

Below is a transcription of the interview:

Violaine: Good morning, Dr. Seth.

Dr. Seth: Good morning,

Violaine: And a warm welcome to our listeners. I appreciate your presence here, and we are going to embark on this enlightening interview. I'm excited to delve into this remarkable, breathtaking technology that we're about to explore. My name is Violaine, and today our focus will center on this revolutionary Tesla Bio Healing Medbed technology. This innovative work is deeply rooted in the original discoveries of Nikola Tesla. So, without further ado, let's dive right in, shall we?

Dr. Seth: Sounds good.

Violaine: I have a list of questions for you.

Violaine: We'll start with, can you please introduce yourself, including your background, specialty, the numbers of years you've been working in the field of Tesla Bio Healing and Wellness?

Dr. Seth: Yeah, fantastic. So, I'm Dr. Seth Robinson. My background is in Chiropractic and also functional medicine. So, I've been in practice for about 11 years, and I've had several different types of practices, ranging from, you know, pure Chiropractic, where we're focusing mostly on musculoskeletal conditions. I've even had stretch clinics, lifestyle centers, and things like that, focusing on kind of lifestyle medicine. And uh, my research and uh, truly my passion for getting to the root cause of illness for my patients led me to Tesla Bio Healing about two and a half years ago. And even a little bit before that, I was starting to become more aware and intentionally wanting to investigate Energy Medicine. And most people on the holistic side, you know, we understand that the body is energetic, and I don't think I truly appreciated how energetic the body was until maybe about four or five years ago. And um, I tell this to people who come and visit our centers, that every now and then in my practice, I would get a handful of patients I couldn't figure out how to help them, and I would start on this kind of research journey and try to figure out what are they doing around the globe for people who have this condition and that condition. And again, that's how I found Tesla Bio Healing, and you know, two and a half years ago, I started working here, and the rest is history, as they say.

Violaine: Well, it all sounds very exciting, just wanting to discover the energetic aspect. I've been looking into this myself. This, yeah, three years now, just about emotions and how they drive energies and so on. So, I really resonated with what you're saying. What inspired the development of Tesla Bio Healing technology, and how does it align with Nikola Tesla's pioneering work?

Dr. Seth: Very good. So, um, I will say that one of the, and this is true for any innovation or any invention, that usually there are multiple sources of inspiration. And for Dr. Liu, who developed this technology, and several of his colleagues, um, Nikola Tesla's research, more so than an actual invention or innovation of his, more so his research and some of his findings, served as a springboard. And um, so which kind of ended is where the innovation for this technology began. Um, you know, there are others, you know, in the field, there are other uh, uh, philosophers, so on and so forth, that you know, I'm sure inspiration was drawn from, but if you talk to the person who developed this technology, he will tell you that his inspiration, you know, was certainly Nikola Tesla's findings, his desire to harness um, this energy for the betterment of mankind, particularly from a wellness standpoint and health standpoint and healing standpoint. So that certainly served as um, the inspiration uh, and then also um, the need that many people have, you know, there are many people who have unmet medical needs where, you know, modern science, modern medicine, is not really, doesn't have an answer for. Right, there are so many people who fall into that category. And not saying that modern medicine doesn't have a place, certainly does, it saves lives every day, but in terms of healing, there's a difference between preventing someone from becoming sicker and then actually helping the body to heal. Those are two different things. And so uh, what we're finding is that this is fitting a need for people who have these unmet medical conditions. It's starting to prove itself as a viable option for people who need that. So, I think those two things were probably the two primary uh, inspirations. Nikola Tesla's findings um, and then also this need um, to meet the needs of those with unmet medical conditions.

Violaine: Nikola Tesla is a fascinating guy. And him, everybody is um, yeah, very fascinated about his work. I actually didn't, I mean, I've read about him quite a bit, I have read about his work, but I don't think I am sure, I knew from the beginning that it was focused on wellness and healing people. I know he worked a lot on energy. Can you talk about scalar waves? Were they part of his work as well? And is that integrated with this Tesla Bio Healing life force that we are talking about?

Dr. Seth: That is a great question. The concept of life force energy, it permeates through history and you will find references to a life-sustaining energy, perhaps a life-giving energy. You'll find it in various cultures, you'll find it in various religions, various practices all throughout different cultures and particularly in the East, it's talked about, you know, in various terminologies, and as this concept started to trickle into the West, maybe in the like 19s and the 1920s more and more researchers started to figure out, what are we actually talking about? Can it be measured? Can it be isolated? You know, what are we talking about? So, you know, James Clerk Maxwell, is kinda the first people to answer that question and get to the root of it, but he made some, he made some... I'd say this, he asked some really important questions that led to the discovery and then Nikola Tesla was probably the first person to demonstrate that scalar waves actually exist. And then you know, researchers started to say, well, you know, this is actually a thing, you know, Albert Einstein acknowledged the existence of scalar waves and as we move down through the decades, more and more scientists have gotten there but to answer your question, scalar waves, there are different types of scalar waves, there isn't just one type of scalar wave and when I first joined the company, you know, we were using terminologies to help people understand what we are doing. As time has gone on, this company in particular, and this technology, we've started to use the term biophotons because it is something we are able to measure. It's something we are able to isolate and measure, and so, the question is, do biophotons and scalar waves interlock, with the existence of one, are they interlocked? Are they related? And the answer is yes. So for particular types of scalar waves, biophotons play a major role, from a component standpoint so in terms of what our technology does, and what we communicate to the consumer and to the market we usually stick to biophotons. Once again because, once again, it's something that we can measure, it's something that we can isolate but at the core, our scalar waves are part of the effect and I'd say yes.

Violaine: Thank you, for all these details. I think we've already covered a lot of what Tesla Bio Healing technology is, but for those who may be new to this concept again, could you recap the fundamental principle of all of this. I suppose a little brief summary or review.

Dr. Seth: Sure. Absolutely. At the foundation of what we do here at Tesla Bio Healing is the fact that the human body was created to heal itself. It's designed to heal itself. It has an incredible immune system. It has an incredible self-repair system. A self-regenerating system. And that system requires energy. The cells that carry out this work require energy. In my practice work, my Chiropractic work, which I lasted 11 years. I have been preaching that we do not understand the potential for our bodies' healing capacity because most of us are de-energized. We're de-energized because of lifestyle choices, we're de-energized because of emotional stress, we're de-energized because of a lack of spiritual foundation and practice in life. We're de-energized for all of these reasons. Whether it's a physical stressor, or an emotional stressor, or spiritual stressor, or what have you, eventually the effect trickles down to the cellular level and cells are de-energized and thus incapable of carring out the self-healing, self-regenerating work efficiently. It can't outwork the stressors that we succumb to on a daily basis. So what we see more now, is that a stressor, let's say a chemical stressor for instance, let's say estrogens that we get through toxins. Those estrogens are chemical stressors on the body. Our liver is reponsible for trying to get it out and so forth. What happens over time is that it's unnatural to be exposed to that chemical over and over again on a chronic basis. The liver becomes overworked, and now, not only is it under that stress, but with all the other toxins we're exposed to, it can't do it as efficiently. The next thing you know, you have some type of illness because the liver can't keep up. There are also other organs that can't keep up, like the gut. So there's going to be this huge backup, and you're going to have all these symptoms. You're going to have two choices at the end of the day: Do I cover the symptom with a bandaid, whether it's a chemical bandaid or whatever, or is there a way that I can revitalize the liver, the cells of the liver, so they can then do the work they're required to do? So that's the foundation. What our technology does, is we are finding that people who use our technology, their cellular energy is being supplemented. And I won't pretend that I know the exact mechanism of this. We're learning every day here, and you guys are getting information almost right after we're getting it, so we're learning every day. Somehow our bodies—we're helping supplement cellular energy—and what happens is now the cells that have been de-energized for so long, they wake up, they start to do their work more quickly, more efficiently, and the body ends up doing what the body is designed to do. So people who have been stuck in a rut for a very long time, when their body is exposed to this technology, their body is supplemented, their body then begins to function more optimally, and because of the beauty and intricacy of how the body is designed, it then takes over and does its thing.

Violaine: Yeah, so it's interesting you mentioned the liver. I did the bio-well exam or scan, and the liver did show up, and they told me it's a common thing because it's here and it's waking up and it's hyperactive. So what I get from what you're explaining, the key points, and for myself when people are asking what it is and what you are doing, I explain it in a sense well I am in a place where I am exposed to high-vibrational generators that I'm here for cellular regeneration. So I explain the exposure to high frequencies will just reactivate the body and help it heal itself on a much faster level than what we would do I guess typically in our sleep.

Dr. Seth: That's a really good way of saying it. An analogy I like to use is, you know the sun being our ultimate source of photons, for instanse. If you put a completely healthy person in a dark room and you leave them there for days and days, just give them water and minimal food, no contact, dark room, no light, even being completely healthy, in a matter of days, maybe even a week, their health starts to decline, and the longer they stay in that room, the worse and worse their health would be. If you took that person from this dark room and put them in natural sunlight in the forest and gave them clean water and living food, every cell in their body would immediately wake up and in a very short amount of time they would be restored to good health. It's kind of the same concept, a lot of us are stuck in this dark room of poor lifestyle chemical exposure so on and so forth, and what we're doing is really bringing the power of nature to someone's living room, and the body responds in a similar fashion.

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