Interview with Dr Seth Tesla Biohealing - Part 3

Interview with Dr Seth Tesla Biohealing - Part 3

Dr Seth is here to represent Tesla Biohealing / Tesla Medbed. 

The Biophoton Life Force Energy generated by the devices has been proven to helpeven those who have no available effective therapies Tesla Biohealing provides natural, non invasive and powerful relief to those in need. 

Liabilitiby, pregnancy population concerns, hollistics alternative medecine options, clinical trials.

This is PART 3 of a series of 4.

Below is a transcription of the interview:

Violaine: On your website, it mentions that the products are not recommended for pregnant women or children under five years old. Can you provide some reason behind this recommendation and whether any exception may apply?

Dr Seth: Oh, sure, good question. This is a common practice in the pharmaceutical world whether you're talking about medical devices or whether you’re talking about ingestible drugs or what have you. Those, they are special populations and there are special considerations that we like to have before we make recommendations, and it really would resides, for those populations, in recommending their device or their drug for that population. The only reason, we talk about those special populations has to do more so, with liability than the actual quote-unquote “risk of that population using the technology”.

Violaine: That's good to hear. I was, myself, wondering and I asked that question. 

Dr Seth: That’s a good question.

Violaine: I don't have children yet and I was interested to know as my condition doesn't really align with pregnancy. And I was like, oh this might be helpful and then I see that, I need more information. 

Dr Seth: I see, I see. Yeah.

Violaine: Tesla biohealing seems to bridge a gap between science or western medicine, if you can call it, and holistic health. Could you elaborate on how it successfully integrates both of these aspects to enhance overall well-being? And how it complements each other?

Dr Seth: Great question. So, this space; holistic medicine historically has been, or has often been put in a bad light. Not too long ago, chiropractors for instance were called “quacks” and even to this day some people still hold true to that. Even though the research has caught up and we’ve outperformed low back surgery for instance. Some people still hold true to that concept that the holistic healthcare field is full of quote-unquote pseudoscience. And we understand that history and so, in us being in this holistic space, we know that it's paramount, for us to prove, in a traditional sense, that our product is safe and effective and you do that with the blind clinicals. That's just the gold standard in the west, that's how you prove the efficacy and safety of your technology. And so, in wanting to cooperate with medicine, you know, we're not trying to compete, we want to cooperate, we want to complement in doing so, that's the approach that we've chosen to take. Most of the people here at Tesla biohealing are research-based, they have experience in research and then also they have experience caring for patients. So, it's a good mix, we have a good mix of people. Researchers are really about the data. Clinical practitioners are about like, I don't care what the data says, does it help people? Have I seen clinical evidence that it can help my patients? If I have, then the research doesn't matter as much, right?

We have a really really good mix of people, and so, our goal is to prove that our technology is effective and safe. Our goal is to help integrate it as an option into hospitals, medical offices, not only do we give practitioners a holistic and natural alternative for patients who may not want to go a more traditional route, but we also give the patients options. We think it's important. Practitioners should have options, their patients should have options, and so, that's our goal and it's a big goal, it really is. You don't see it much but that's our goal, that's what we strive for every day. 

And so, even today, when I first started working here over two and a half years ago, my job was to communicate the application, the usefulness of our technology to traditional medical doctors and medical facilities and I was pleasantly surprised at how many of these facilities and how many of these practitioners are quite open and we're already searching for holistic alternatives, and that's the beauty of science. What science, the purpose of the scientific method is for us to figure out what's better. We have what we have,  now let's build on it. Can we do things better? And more and more healthcare practitioners are opening their eyes and they're seeing that “Hey! Yes, we can stabilize someone with a pharmaceutical drug, we can stop them from passing away today or tomorrow having a crisis but what do we do once the patient is stable? Do we just keep them on the pharmaceutical drug? How do we move them forward? How do we actually help their body, help their body to heal? How do we enhance what's already there?” More and more practitioners are starting to ask that question. They're actively looking for something that fits the mode and because our goal is to eventually have completed these double and triple blind clinical trials we'll be able to present them the research required to implement the technology into their traditional practice.

Violaine: You answered a question that you triggered at the same time, when you say practitioners; they're willing to introduce this technology into their practice. I was going to ask you, are they open-minded to this? Because sometimes, I hear that they were learned or taught a certain way and there's no going anywhere, it's just this way. So it's good to hear that they are open-minded to introduce a complement there.

Dr Seth:  I'll give you a few examples even if you'd like yeah.

Violaine: Sure, go ahead.

Dr Seth: Yeah, so, several come to mind. There is a cardiovascular center that started using our technology for their patients who had high blood pressure. So the doctor himself started using it for his own health challenge and he started to notice that he was being positively affected. And so, he introduced it to several patients of his, who, their typical visit would include getting their vitals and they would always have high high blood pressure, like dangerously high blood pressure. And he started letting them use an energized space within his clinic, and then doing the vitals and he would notice that not only was it lower, but it was in normal range! Which is unusual for this particular group of patients. We've also had eye doctors; ophthalmologists contact us and say; “Hey!, You know, this patient who's come to me with improved vision, and this is not typical, and there also, all of them talk about that they use our technology, I want to partner with you guys to make this available to my patients. And then last, we have a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who doesn't use our technology in his office, but he recommends and refers his patients to use our technology post-op, because what he's realizing is better scarring and quicker healing time. So more and more practitioners are starting to open their eyes and use the technology, it's wonderful.

Violaine: Nice yeah, well, so happy to hear that and thank you for the details in your answers, it's been great so far!

Dr Seth: You're welcome.

Violaine: Can you, and I know we’ve talked a lot, we went off on some tangents, you provide great details about your work, Tesla biohealing, the biophoton, this whole technology. But, would you be able to complement the information that is already available on your website? And how it would differ from other offerings? I believe you already touched on that, and when I say this for “other offerings” is that; what society or currently what's available on the market, and if I may ask you to also touch on the concept of resonance.

Dr Seth: Okay, so about the website, because we're in this space and we are, you know, we abide by FDA regulations. The information that we provide on our website is, we go through it with a tooth comb to make sure that we are within compliance in terms of what we're communicating to consumers, so the first part of that question is that, there's not much extra information that's there, which is kind of a good thing. Because what that means, is the most important information and the best information that we have, is already available on the website. 

Now, once our clinical trials are complete and the data is published and we submit that data to the FDA then we'll be able to include more and more information. So stay tuned to the website because the website will continue to grow over the following months and years. In terms of the second part of that, how our technology differs? I could talk about that for days but I'll put it in a nice little package.

Violaine: Okay.

Dr Seth: As a doctor, our first mission is to do no harm, right. Along with patients, is to do no harm. So one of the things that sets our technology so far apart from many other technologies out there, is that there are no reported adverse effects of the technology. So it is extremely safe, it's proving an extremely safe modality based on the real-world evidence of course as we do more and more clinical trials there will be more opportunities for people to have adverse reactions and there may be one or two that pop up here and there but so far so good! Right? So far so good. So that's the first thing. 

In the pharmaceutical world that's quite rare. I don't know how someone would actually, like in terms of like how the energy impacts the body, I don't know how it would hurt you. I can't even imagine how that would happen and that's a good problem to have, that's a good thing. So that's one. Number two, generally speaking, holistic interventions, so whether we're talking about herbs, you know, supplements or if we're talking about therapies like acupuncture or chiropractic. Many times, it takes a lot of patience. And even with at Tesla biohealing for a lot of people, it requires a lot of patience, in order for change to happen, to the point where your symptoms start to die down and your body starts to move into optimal wellness. It requires patience and time and it's true up here as well but in my personal experience using other energy-based therapies like cold laser infrared so on and so forth. The impact and the speed generally, at which changes start to happen on a more systemic level, so not just for one condition, not just for one symptom but affecting the body from top down is extremely quick. Generally speaking, so that's important. The other thing is that, you can't overdose. So you can't get too much of the energy, the body just kind of self-limits it takes what it needs and then it just self limits, so that's important. So I would say, the biggest thing that sets this apart from most of what is offered right now, whether through traditional medicine, alternative medicine is the safety, is the efficacy, not just for one tissue or for one symptom but impacting the body as a whole is quite rare also. And this is something that we're probably going to be studying in the future, but from an emotional standpoint, it seems to have a deeper level, a deeper impact, even past the physical. The other thing is that it requires no electricity. 

Violaine: Right.

Dr Seth: That’s interesting, right? And this is probably the biggest thing, this is from a practical standpoint. This doesn’t have anything to do with the technology per say but this is huge! When I was practicing lifestyle medicine, I would require a lot of work and dedication from my patients before they started to feel better and then be better. And what I love about this technology is that generally speaking, people start to feel better first. They feel better before they're required to do anything that's very difficult. They don't make any lifestyle changes yet because they don't have the energy. It requires energy to make these big changes. And a lot of times, doctors, like myself, we fall into the trap. Telling people, you just have to do it, you just have to do it! But you’ve been sick for so long, when you struggle for so long, when you’ve been disappointed for so long, so many times, when you’ve been given bad news from a doctor or told “I don’t know”, so many times, it becomes de-energizing, the willpower wanes, the motivation wanes, it becomes more difficult to make these changes, We’re asking someone to climb mount Everest as if we’re telling them just to go over a little speed bump. But in their mind, from an energetic standpoint, it’s like climbing mount Everest and what I am finding is that people who use this technology, we’re turning this mount Everest, into a little hill that is now something attainable and what happens is that they become to feel better. They become energized. And naturally, they’ll contact me months and months later; Dr Seth, I came to the center, I went home, I started sleeping better, I have more energy and more mental clarity and I realized that I needed to start eating better, I realized that I needed to start putting boundaries around certain relationships. I realized that I needed to create a spiritual life for myself. So, feeling better before you're required to do a lot of work, that's a game changer, that’s a game changer for a lot of people. That’s one of the things I appreciate the most about this technology.

Violaine: Yes, I mean, this is great and I can totally relate to this as this for myself, it has been over twenty years that I have tried so many alternatives that would not, like you had mentioned before, that would not just provide a bandaid or you “take that pill and you should be all set”. That doesn’t really work, but I have tried all sorts of thing such as neurofeedback, even homeopathy that is also energy based or vibrational based even though, I cannot really speak much about it, I don’t know too much but yes, the biofeedback or neurofeedback were one of the thing I was very much into, and maybe will need to revisit at some point but name it, I’ve tried it. 

And I’m, I’ve noted a point that you mentioned; it doesn't require electricity which is yes, a very positive or a positive point from this technology because I have gone, so in Florida where I lived, for a few years, there were waiting for this technology, it’s called Zazen but it’s not the same concept because it is plugged in, but it is some sort of generator that you plug in and that had, I mean when I was exposed to it, it had direct, like I feel that the electricity required for this device didn’t align with my electrical issue. So it was very different, the experience I then got from the center in Tampa that I went to. And I am sure the listeners would love to hear that it is very safe, no side effects, you cannot overdose, it works fairly quickly and it does impact the body as a whole no matter what it is and people may say “Are you a little nuts or something?”. There is no magic pill or what. But it sounds like it is almost the magic remedy that will just call to the intelligence within.

Dr Seth: Yeah, that’s a good point. Yeah, got ahead.

Violaine: Yeah, I had an experience in the past, which was more with a substance, and I just felt, it was an instinct and very different that what we’re doing here, but I just felt I was being reprogrammed, but it was an actual feeling, This divine intelligence or superior intelligence almost like said “Don’t worry, I’m going to take over this for a minute”. And I felt my entire body, from up to down and down up, on a cellular level, to be completely reprogramed. It was incredible, indescribable. But it was very interesting. And it sounds like this is pretty much doing the same calling earlier your cells, ok, let’s rework this, let’s rework on whatever you have, we’re going to work through this.

Dr Seth: That’s an interesting concept because what we know, what modern science knows about biophoton for instance, is that these packets of light carry information so our cells communicates with each other using this light that carries information and so anything that is going to increase this natural light, if you will, is going to pass information up and down, and up and down, that's how we're built, so that's fascinating, that’s fascinating.

Violaine: Yes it is. It really is.

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