Part 2 - Interview with Trevor Eddy CEO at Leadsforward

Part 2 - Interview with Trevor Eddy CEO at Leadsforward

This morning's discussion is with Trevor Eddy.

Trevor is the Co-Founder & CEO at Leadsforward. When he’s not focused on business strategy, investing and building multiple companies, Trevor enjoys time in nature, traveling with his wife, and sinking his teeth into delicious, ripe fruit.

Trevor can be spotted early in the morning, with his feet in the grass, taking some deep breaths as he prepares for the day.

He’s also a plant-based food enthusiast and loves to create nutritious, mouth-watering dishes that leave people feeling happy, healthy and full of energy.

Trevor loves nutrition, weightlifting and exploring the unknown which is our topic for the day.

Trevor's company is Leadsward:

He also has 1 ebook and is working on more!

Welcome Trevor!

This is Part 2/2.

Below is a transcription of the video:


Violaine: I know we might be repeating ourselves a little bit, but can you provide a brief but yet comprehensive overview on what plant based diets represent? I guess maybe a sum-up and the benefit that you can draw from a plant based nutrition and the motivation of doing that, that is associated with it?


Trevor: Okay, my approach or my plant based diet focuses on consuming a lot of food, an abundance of food. You can eat a lot more of these types of foods. Primarily fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds and some grains here and there and just avoiding all dense and acidic forming foods like animal flesh, cheese, milk, most grains, gluten, no alcohol, anything like that. 

This choice is not just about what I'm eating, it's how it impacts my overall well-being. It really made me more mindful with what I consume and  focusing a lot on hydration, which is a big thing that people are missing. I think chronic dehydration is a big problem in the west especially. So putting a focus on the hydration through the foods themselves and what you're eating which contain, I mean, the fruits and the vegetables. Fruits especially contain naturally, distilled by nature, structured and very hydrating water and, of course, along with all essential nutrients and easily digestible proteins in the form of pure amino acids that would be for optimal physical and mental performance. Then, it's also a lifestyle that promotes energy, which is the biggest one, and vitality and just a deeper connection with yourself and your environment.


Violaine: Thank you again, you provide a lot of information and you've done a lot of research as well. Would you say, there is a group of people that would most benefit from this type of information, from your research and can you elaborate on that? And when I say group of people, I say for example somebody - I mean, you may define it yourself - somebody that doesn't feel quite satisfied, that feels tired? You have so much information to share on this and I know you can go on and on about plant-base and what it can provide.


Trevor: I sure can! Well, I'll try to keep it short and I know we've covered this to some extent but I would say that this lifestyle offers profound benefits to individuals who sense somewhat of a disconnect in their life, a feeling that something isn't quite right or they're just feeling sluggish or tired and just really not fully aligned with themselves. Ultimately anyone on a standard western diet, this is going to apply to for the most part. Going on this journey with food and rediscovering health and sort of reconnecting with my body it brings a real sense of balance, purpose and wellbeing. Essentially. This is for anyone seeking a holistic approach to their lives realigning their lives and creating a harmonious connection between their mind, body and spirit.


Violaine: Yes, and as you're talking I'm thinking because we have many friends. Everybody, pretty much, follows the standard diet and it is really going out of your way to just do the shift to switch to strictly plant based and pretty much so vegan. As you were talking I was thinking, well what would be the little push? What would be the little thing that would make the person tip over? We have so many friends and we can talk about this diet but still it's more comfortable to be, you know, like everybody else. 


Trevor: Yeah.


Violaine: But is there something, an advice would you say?  Or as you were talking, I guess it doesn't cost anything to try really, would you add to that?


Trevor: Yes, I mean like I said or alluded to earlier, it is a very individual journey and everyone has different motivations and a will to do something. I'd say that there's many different triggers that can sort of push you to make a change in your life and typically it's when health degrades or you realize you're no longer healthy or you have some sort of disease then in general people are more willing to make a change when faced with something like this. 

For me it hasn't really been that case but I think that's typically what's found. I've always just been passionate about this and just want to be healthy and I want to live a long time. I think a lot of the resistance that comes when faced with making a change like this or if you have friends that are trying to motivate you to do that. It’s just the comfort, the lack of information and experience and also worrying about what other people think. 

I think people think a little too much about it and really just get hung up on that and how are people going to judge me? What am I going to do in social situations? You'll figure it out. We have definitely figured it out and navigated this but yeah it is a leap of faith and a big step for some people but once you start and you experience it for yourself you'll see there's no turning back.


Violaine: Thank you for sharing all this information and there is so much more I know that you can share. We're arriving towards the end of this discussion, of this interview and I would like to touch base a little bit more on who you are. You are the CEO of your company Leadsforward, right? is your website. How do you balance and integrate your business responsibilities with your lifestyle and how do they complement each other?


Trevor: Great question, I would say that balancing my roles and responsibilities with business and my lifestyle is really rooted in presence and another word that comes to mind is synergy. So it's a very synergistic thing. I view the business and lifestyle as just interconnected elements not opposing forces so it is balanced. For me everything is tuning into the flow that exists beyond any thoughts that try to hold us back is a big one and so by aligning my business practices with my personal values like health, fitness and mindfulness. They complement each other pretty seamlessly. It wasn't always like that, but it takes time to refine that approach. 

This approach to life ensures the energy and focus and creativity. I cultivate this lifestyle are channeled into guiding and growing my company and doing everything else I want to do and I'm working on in life. The integration between these elements not only helps create a thriving business but also just enhances the overall quality of my life.


Violaine: And just to sponsor you a little bit..


Trevor: Thanks!


Violaine: How can people find you if they want to reach out to you? You specialize in SEO and in home business contractors. If they want to reach out to you, they directly go on your website?


Trevor:  Yes, just go straight to, learn a little bit more about us there and you can contact us directly through the website. 


Violaine: Ok, just to make sure it’s straightforward

Trevor: Yeah, thanks!


Violaine: So before we conclude, and this is pretty open-ended and as you wish to answer. What are your final insights or advice that you would like to share with our audience? And particularly for those who are looking to embark on a similar journey? Maybe lastly include in your description any type of resources or videos that they may want to check out on the topic.


Trevor: All right, thank you again this has been awesome! 

I would say to wrap this up,  I would simply emphasize the power that comes from embracing change, getting out of your comfort zone, and stepping into the unknown. For those that are starting out on a similar journey, I would just say to remember that every step towards your own growth and expansion whether in business or personal well-being is just a step toward a more fulfilling life that is rooted in Truth. 

Truth has always been something that's oriented me and so just embracing these challenges and staying curious. For me, I've always prioritized that as well as just self-discovery. It's not always easy, there is a lot of resistance especially from others but the rewards of this and the self-awareness and the energy are just immeasurable.  So I invite you to just unlock that full potential that you have and start living a life that really resonates with your authentic self and promotes your overall health for you and your family and your friends. 

As far as resources go, there is so much out there, there's so many books and videos and lectures. Maybe we can provide something in the notes to this interview. I have my own recipe book and I plan on putting out more content for sure to help people because there is just so much information out there it can be overwhelming. We'll do more of that in the future.


Violaine: Yes, thank you very much for answering all my questions and going into details as far as what it represents and how it's integrated in every aspect of your life.  On that last question also, I think we can add that science is here to back it up, right? That nothing beat plant based. Whether we're looking at what we recently saw with blue zones or recent studies. It only shows that it can only make you better, so we'll definitely put as much as resources as possible that we can in the description below. I will also include your website and you're based in the US correct?

Trevor: Correct, the business.


Violaine: I'll make sure to mention all that. Thank you very much Trevor. It was great to have you on. I loved conducting this interview, so if you enjoyed that we'll do more.


Trevor: Absolutely! Thank you Violaine, it's been a pleasure!


Violaine: Thank you.

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